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Monday, August 11, 2008

Just finished FHE and it was a rather new and pretty fun experience. Torrin, our soon to be 16 year old started the first day of school this year and took the lead. He prepared the lesson and gave it. I think it is the FHE we have had with only 3 people involved since 1978 when only Sven was with us. Six kids later here we are and liking it. He had each of us draw a version of the plan of happiness and then we compared notes. Since Susie said the prayer on dinner, (grilled cheese sandwhiches with Sven and Chelsea's candy jalapeno peppers) it was by default a very long prayer. So an hour later at the start of FHE Torrin and I out voted her 2 to 1 that her prayer counted as A)blessing on the meal, B)opening prayer for FHE and C) family prayer. I know, I am somewhat of a spiritual putz on these matters. At any rate having just three of us was unique and more than acceptable. Seems the days of hurried frenzy on Monday evenings may be over.

We You tubed the 4x100 olympic swim relay and really enjoyed it. Haaa, the French said they were there to crush the Americans. Dumb French. JK