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Saturday, December 15, 2012

End of the season. Farland our caretaker took this picture this morning and with the last guests departing it is time to winterize the place and await for better weather. Farland reports that there will be enough snow to go skiing by tomorrow. Sitting at 7200 feet elevation the cabin has a weather pattern closer to Monticello Utah than Moab even though it sits 60 miles away. A couple friends and I will head up this week and drain the pipes etc for the next couple months. This is a far cry from the normal sunny days we enjoy for most of the season. Winter didn't arrive until today which is about normal.
One evening when I was riding in my old pickup truck down the sandflats road,
A beautiful bluebird came flying down
My eyes caught the color as it led me down the road,
Dipping and bobbing in the sun, finally resting long enough to pose.

If heaven had a window where the sun came shining through
Like a beautiful bluebird, I’d come flying back to you.
            Neil Young Chrome Dreams ll
            Beautiful bluebird