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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Russ, Isaiah & Mishelle Neilson at the castle valley overlook

One view we try to experience nearly every evening while at the cabin is the castle valley overlook. Minutes from the cabin this view takes the breath away from every friend and visitor we have had at the cabin. Good friend Scott Hatch and family didn't want to go as the day was a bit long from activities but at my insistence he came. On the road over he good naturedly complained the whole way that with all the great views seen that day one more was only going to wear him out. he would be just as happy to stay on the sofa and do nothing. However, once at the vista, he marveled at how beautiful it was and simply stated, "Well...I was wrong. This is more than worth it." This vista overlooks what is billed as the last battle between Native Americans and Whites, in a place called the Pimhook battle. This rim view is a must when visiting the Moab cabin.
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