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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We didn't catch name of this gentleman, but we noticed he was older than the average rider and in talking with him, we found out the following. He is from Texas, 83, Eighty Three , rides a trials bike, doesn't have any friends that can go with him, (they have all died) and enjoys riding the slick rock trails. Says he can tell the end of his riding days are not too far distant as his balance is starting to wane a bit and doesn't want to go down where no one will find him. I am sick that we didn't get his name as I believe he is worthy of an ESPN feature story, doing what he is doing at that age. As referenced above, good friend Terry Eagar is over 70 and was beginning to whine a bit that he might be giving it up, but after talking to this tough Texan, we chided Terry into continuing on for at least another decade.
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