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Saturday, June 19, 2010

cabin at sunset

With evening clouds over canyon lands and arches national park, each sunset
was spectacular. This particular evening as we returned from the castle valley
overlook, the sun was right behind the cabin and the sky looked like it was on
fire. Due to the late snows this past Winter, the wildflowers are abundant. The
half mile lane into the cabin was lined with different colored flowers. Susie
counted over 20 varieties on the path. Blue, red, yellow, violet, white, pink,
etc. and their ability to not only hang onto life with such little water ,
but to bloom big and beautiful is really amazing. Sunups and Sunsets are
unrivaled at the cabin. Each is distinct yet all are beyond
description. They seem to last a little longer up on the mesa as
the view is above the valley floor.
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