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Saturday, June 19, 2010

slick rock overlook

Longtime riding buddy Bryan Miley came up from Phoenix and rode with Ken and I. Bryan has been riding for years and probably logged more miles on a dirt bike with me than any other person. Short on stature, he is long on skill and has never seen a trail he isn't willing to try. We have been places together that few have ever traveled on our DRZ400s. We both enjoy a trail with technical portions and a bit of the unknown. There is a certain level of anxiety that we both enjoy, and to date we have been fortunate to always make it back home in one piece. Bryan suffered a broken collar bone last year on the bike but strangely enough it was on a trail that we have done a hundred times and not in a particularly hard spot. He was going fast however on a single track trail and went head over heels breaking his collar bone. His tolerance of pain is legendary amongst his friends, so when he said he needed a few minutes to gather himself, I knew he must be hurting. Sure enough, after a few minutes of "gathering" himself, his collar bone was in two distinct parts. The specific point in the trail was far too narrow for anything other than a dirt bike to negotiate so he walked out of rough terrain about a mile while I went back to retrieve his truck. Lot of fun times with Bryan.
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