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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Selecting a roofing company was not easy but after researching prices, quality of product and referrals I chose Bunger Steel of Phoenix Arizona. Sergio was my sales rep and I really enjoyed his professional manner and expertise. He was helpful throughout the process and at one point told me that I had come in with the second worst set of roof measurements he had ever seen in his career. I asked who was worse than mine...his reply...hadn't met him yet but was sure he would someday. With the property being 475 miles away and the roof having a bunch of crazy angles on and to it, it was difficult to get accurate drawings/measurements despite a number of attempts. Finally with the help of Google Earth and a satellite photo of the property Sergio was able to piece together his best guestimate of what was needed and the associated cuts. Turned out he was right on the money and Bunger Steel and Rudy get my highest recommendation. www.bungersteel.com
I hauled up over 4ooo pounds of steel roof and supplies behind my new (used) diesel pickup and it also performed like a champ untill just outside of Blanding. The onboard computer gauge indicated I had 77 miles of fuel remaining so I passed Kayenta without filling up. Mistake. The gauge is off. I ran out of fuel, hitchhiked into Blanding at 10:20 PM, bought the only one gallon fuel container left at the only open convenience store, hitchhiked back to the truck with one a half gallons of fuel, called Dan Sheran for instructions on where to find the inline hand pump and was up and running fairly soon.

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