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Friday, July 16, 2010

Dedicated hiking mother

Emily Jones, one of my favorite people in the world was an example from day one. She had three children, one being a LARGE 14 month old, Bourne. She took them hiking nearly every day. The fact that Bourne couldn't yet hike didn't phase Emily, she strapped him on and hiked as if he didn't weigh an ounce.

On one hike, from Warner lake to Oohwah lake we had a memorable moment. A small black bear ran down the trail in front of us for nearly 20 yards or so. Not very big, he was intent on making tracks away from us and we hiked with an eye out for the remaining trail.

With a determination not to be outdone by the female while hiking I volunteered to hoist Bourne, our 29 pound non hiking baby in his hiking backpack on my shoulders and hike out to the pickup point from Oohwah lake. Emily, his mother had carried him with no complaint, in fact nothing but smiles and cheery attitude to the midway point, oohwah lake and made it look easy, so I figured it couldn't be too hard. With my offer to take a turn, Emily politely said it was unnecessary and she was happy to continue along the trail with him on her back. I insisted primarily due to masculine chivalry and a touch of curiosity. About 3 miles later I had a blister on my right heel that I didn't mention until the next day when they wanted to go hiking again. They did but without me this time.
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