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Friday, July 16, 2010

Trail to Delicate Arch

Every chance we get, we hike to Delicate arch near the cabin. The process is akin to a spiritual experience. I don't mean to demean spiritual experiences, on the contrary I intend to elevate the hike to a higher status than just putting one foot in front of the other. It is a moderate rated hike and I have seen many elderly folks slowly going up or down. With moderate health everybody can do it. Last year my family members went on ahead much faster than I was willing (able) to go so I made friends with a lady that was resting under a small section of shade on the bare rock climb.
She was from England and told me she was 79, obviously overweight, suffering from arthritis, thirsty and considering turning back. I explained we were over half way up and the hard part was finished. Encouraged she said she would plod on hoping that the effort would be worth it. I assured her it was. 20 minutes later as we crested the corner of cliff rock the Arch stood before us in silent majesty. She gasped and said ohhh my...it is worth it! This is the sense that everyone I know experiences as the arch comes into sudden view. I have hiked to it a number of times and never been disappointed. It has become iconoclastic as the image of Utah. Not the biggest arch nor the most ornate in structure, it is the most rewarding arch to view. This photo reflects the steady uphill climb on bare rock to the arch.
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