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Friday, July 16, 2010

The moment of courage and change on a little girls face

This photo represents the actual moment that Cameron Jones, scaredy cat little girl changed into a courageous little explorer. Literally one moment before this shot, she was whining and crying (literaly) about how scared she was and more than once screamed she thought she was going to die despite her mother's best efforts to reassure her all would be ok. Her father Chris seemed to be keeping a safe distance out of earshot in order to avoid any critical words. As Cameron came by me positioned on the other side of the rock I asked her to look up for a picture. She put on a smile and quit cyring. We quickly praised her and sure enough for the rest of the trip she was much more inclined to make fun of her Aunt Katy for being a fraidy cat than being one herself. Over the course of the next few days Cameron proved to be quite an intrepid little girl.
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