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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Danny Prickett of Castle Valley was my choice to replace the well pump and wire. Danny not only came in with a bid less than the competition, he saved me a bunch of money by spotting a mis-diagnosed problem from the competitor. Instead of a $1000.00 bill on this particular item it was $200.00 and then he went on to fix a leaky PVC pipe for free while he was there. This photo shows the well head which goes down 1060 feet and the special pipe extractor Danny fabricated to draw out the old pipe. This was a big job and Desert H2O was awesome. Did a great job and made a friend at the same time. I have used Danny on a variety of projects since this photo and each time felt he gave me a good price. With Danny's efforts we have a new pump, new wire, new automatic shut off and automatic cistern fill system in place. Owning the cabin just got a whole lot easier because of this. No longer do we have to hand fill and watch the water fill the tanks as they are all set up to automatically fill now.

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